MDVIP Advantages for BPC Patients

Living Healthy is a Journey

The MDVIP program at Blackburn Primary Care is designed to partner with you on this journey. Our focus is to maximize your health potential, educate you on better ways to stay healthy, and work with you on an individualized plan to make you feel and perform better.

MDVIP is a national organization that works with its partner physicians to create a healthcare team that provides the best that healthcare has to offer in the United States. The program combines Dr. Isaac’s personalized guidance and care with MDVIP’s national outreach and affiliations to help you receive the best form of healthcare available anywhere in the country.

Our goal is to provide you with all the support and expertise you need on your journey to better health.

How The MDVIP Wellness Program Works

When compared to the traditional healthcare system, MDVIP has better national health scores and has helped save millions of healthcare dollars. The time spent with the patient and the high level of screening allowed in the program has made a significant difference for patients. Dr. Isaac is better able to manage your chronic conditions and prevent disease. Here are some facts from various clinical studies on the MDVIP wellness program:

  • There is a 97% increase in patient satisfaction
  • There is a 40% increase in the identification of cardiovascular risk
  • There is a 10% decrease in heart attacks and strokes
  • There is a 79% reduction in hospitalizations
  • There is a 72% reduction in rehospitalizations

Advantages of the MDVIP Wellness Program include:

A Yearly Physical
Testing is designed to identify unseen areas of poor health early on to slow or reverse the progression of the disease. This includes extensive preventative testing, a comprehensive physical exam, and a personalized consultation to create a customized wellness plan. Bloodwork done during the executive physical is sent to the leading cardiovascular lab in the country, The Cleveland Heart Lab at the Cleveland Clinic. Testing areas include:
Heart Health

  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory Health
  • Bone Health
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Emotional Well-being
  • Sexual Health
  • Weight Management

A Smaller Practice Size
MDVIP limits the practice to just a few hundred patients. This allows you to have 24-hour access to Dr. Isaac by phone and same or next-day appointments. These appointments are unhurried and designed to address all your health issues. Dr. Isaac will be able to better coordinate your care with specialists or even allow time as necessary to visit you in your home, hospital, or nursing home. The smaller practice size means that patients in Dr. Isaac’s wellness program receive an enhanced level of service.

Access to MDVIP Connect
MDVIP Connect is a secure electronic medical record. It allows you to conveniently access your health information and ease communication with Dr. Isaac. There are several options that allow you to make healthy lifestyle choices through pages dedicated to diet and exercise. It is also offered as a mobile app so you can access your medical information from anywhere.

Travel Benefits
If you are traveling and need to be seen by a doctor for an acute visit, Dr. Isaac can arrange for you to be treated by the closest MDVIP-affiliated doctor. This can reduce your out-of-network medical expenses and includes coverage for your family. Conversely, if you have family visiting, Dr. Isaac can see them as well. Lastly, any dependent under the age of 28 is covered under your membership fee.

Access to MDVIP Medical Centers of Excellence
As an MDVIP-affiliated doctor, Dr. Isaac has access to many of the premier institutions in the country. The Medical Centers of Excellence include world class facilities across the U.S.